Let’s Put on a Show!

I was talking to a very old pal (a very swishy old pal I used to take tap-dancing lessons with, but didn’t realize he was gay until years later). We were reminiscing about our high school and college theater days. I had so much damn fun doing musicals and plays, and in fact, became a theater major in college before taking up archaeology. We were so geeky. Watched a bazillion old musicals, did summer stock. Retro (30s and 40s) stuff was all the rage when I was in high school.

I never got a leading role. I could sing just a bit, could dance up a storm. That singing thing really kicked my butt though. Oh well, I was in:
The King and I
Stop the World, I Want to Get Off
You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown
Ah, Wilderness
The Crucible
South Pacific
Guys and Dolls

What did you do in high school? Were you the popular cheerleader or the theater geek? Chess club or all-night clubbing?


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