When I Was a Reader

Before I wrote a book, there were many things I didn’t know about the romance publishing world. I’d go into the bookstore, pick up my Nora or Elizabeth Lowell, and happily curl up on the couch.
1. What point-of-view is.
2. What the RWA is.
3. That Nora Roberts was JD Robb (NOT kidding).
4. That L.K. Hamilton existed and was controversial.
5. That anyone liked vampires, werewolves, and demons in their romances.
6. That ebooks existed.
7. That anyone with a book in the bookstore might be unhappy somehow about being there, ie., contracts, agents, deals, advances, sell-through, returns…
8. That review sites existed. I never read a single review of any romance book. I bought what I liked, and if an author “turned” on me, I’d try another. It would never occur to me to contact a writer, join their loop, talk about them to anyone but maybe a coworker.
9. I never bought a romance magazine.
10. I never considered HQN as anything I might want to read.
11. I didn’t want to see “hot” covers. If there was a nice sex scene between a monogamous couple in my fat novel, that was fine.
12. That romance was looked down upon. It wouldn’t have mattered if it was. We live in a free market society.
13. I thought writers spent most of their time writing.


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