Drollerie Press Update! Print

Deena at Drollerie Press was kind enough to send along an update to an interview she did here a while back. Everytime I visit Drollerie’s site, I’m taken with the beauty of the covers, the layout, and the ease of ordering and seeing what’s coming up. I fervently hope this publisher does well and that the decision to go to print is a healthy one. Authors sure will love it! Good luck, Deena and your authors.

Here’s what Deena wrote: “We’ve recently done a bit of rearranging and rethinking and we’ve realized that, if we do really believe in the books we accept, we ought to be able to bring them out in print. I told you in our interview that I wasn’t sure I could do that, but, well, to put it plainly, I’ve changed my mind. I believe I’ve updated the website, I know I’ve updated our agreement, but I never told you. So, all our novels will see print. All the short stories, novelettes and novellas will see print if/when we match them up with enough high-quality works in a similar theme or with some defining thread to create a good anthology or collection.”


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