Nominate the BEST EBOOK of the Summer!

It’s that time again! I know, summer isn’t offically over, but I think of it as June, July, and August. So I’m taking nominations for the best Ebook of those months. Nominations will be open here until September 14. Voting begins September 15. When the winner is picked, I’ll buy and review the book here.

The rules:
1. You MAY nominate yourself.
2. The book may be any length, any genre (does not have to be romance, but must be fiction)–but–I WILL NOT READ erotica (however you want to distinguish that from erotic romance). You may nominate it, it may win, but I won’t read it.
3. Do not nominate a book with rape, incest, sex with minors, all the usual caveats (unless it is incorporated into backstory as an integral part of the plot–you know what I mean). I will not read “forced sex” as titillation. As a survivor, I object to the prettying up of rape.
4. The book MUST have first been published as an ebook in June, July, or August of this year. It may have subsequently gone to print.
5. The book CAN have been part of an anthology, but nominate the individual story, no anthologies.
6. The book must NOT have been previously published.
7. Style your entry this way:

If the entry doesn’t have all these elements, I’ll delete the entry.
One free copy of any of my ebooks to a random nominator!

Help celebrate the diversity of ebooks! Nominate in the comments now!

One note: I know this may be a popularity contest, but hey, you get to promote your book, with a buying link if you like. I do not vote in this contest, nor do I ask my pals to vote for any particular title.


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