How Do You Know it’s Real?

Posting this “contest” below has me thinking about what’s legit or not on the Internet in terms of reviews, contests, rankings, etc. I won’t belabor the whole review business–there isn’t much more to say except that most authors hate bad ones and snark seems to rule the day.

But the other stuff? I entered the EPPIES this year, and I’m also going to be a judge, as I was two years ago. I adored one book I read, but it didn’t make it to the finals. Hmnn. What did the other judges think? I didn’t read all the books in that category, so I was judging blind, so to speak. I wasn’t ranking them first to last. If I had, it would have just been my opinion anyway. So, multiple judges (good), but not weighing books against others (bad in my opinion). Still, it’s a well-run and well thought out contest as far as I can tell. You can only do so much.

How about the Preditors and Editors poll? What if you work at a 2,000-person company and ask everyone to vote for you? Am I really the 6th most popular romance author of those nominated? I seriously doubt it.

CAPA awards (The Romance Studio) is based on reviewer’s choices. As far as I can tell, they take the five-star reviews and cull from that group. Then the reviewers vote. I don’t think, however, that they all read all the books. I’m not sure, I’ll have to ask Tina.

Even my book cover for the Biggest Kahuna lost in a cover contest to a patched-together ugly thing created by a publisher of a now-defunct company. Hmnn. Cheap shot.

I never vote for a book I haven’t read. Do you vote for the book, or for the author? Have you ever bought a book because it won an award?


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