New Release by My Pal Ann Lory!

Eternal Surrender, the third in Ann’s “Eternal” series is out! This one looks great, so check it out. And how about that cover? Love it.

When Alyssa meets Damian and realizes he’s vampire, she doesn’t hesitate attempting to put a stake through his heart. But after losing against his supernatural strength, she finds herself a guest in his home. Now she finds herself with a new dilemma: how the hell to resist him. He’s sinfully handsome and drives her mad with the urge to pummel him one minute and throw herself at him in the next, but she will remain strong. Vampires killed her family and she will not forget her vow to see them destroyed.

Damian was sent to kill Alyssa, by D’Angel, his maker, but after a glimpse and a taste of the young woman he cannot bring himself to end her life. Instead he brings her under his protection, whether she’s willing or not. If she were to face off against D’Angel as she intends, she’d be tortured in the worst ways the twisted D’Angel can think of.

Sparks fly with not only the wicked slash of words and flying fists, but with the heated passion the two try to deny each other. It’s only a matter of time before the walls start to tumble and they can no longer resist the urges for on another.

To keep her vow, Alyssa must face the truth: not all vampires are evil. She must put aside her hate and surrender to Damian, for all eternity.


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