On Kick-Ass Heroines

I think we ask too much of romance heroines, I really do. I’ve followed a lot of reviews on Dear Author and similar sites, and one theme comes up a lot. Reviewers don’t much like it when heroines must be saved by the hero. Actually, they don’t seem to like it at all.

On the other hand, readers often say that what they look for in a man, and a hero, is a strong guy who will take care of them. Huh?

My husband complains about the real world equivalent of this all the time. Open doors? Or not. Pay the bill? Or not. Rescue you from the evil wizard, or let you fight your way out of the cave yourself. Okay, he hasn’t really faced that one.

I can’t stand romance heroines who don’t reflect anything close to reality. Hey, I live in New Jersey and spend a good amount of time in New York. I have a second degree black belt. Still, if I met up with a demon, I’d probably be a little frightened. I would want to call the cops, or the underworld equivalent of the cops. Kick-ass heroines who curse a lot and are always engaged in witty repartee with alpha heroes bore the hell out of me. Who do you know like that? It doesn’t ring true to me. Someone has to be a little beta for it to work. Preferably, vulernabilities all around, although I’m not looking for bleeding hearts.

Do you like kick-ass heroines? How would you define them? I really love Angelina as Lara Croft, but the men don’t stand up to her, and it doesn’t make for romance… What do you think?


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