Did you know?

That I used to write under a different name?

Three Nights in Greece and Out of My League are the sole survivors. I love these two novellas!

A sexy LAPD detective helps heat up the Mayan Riviera and the nervous actress who hires him to be her acting partner. Lucy St. Johns wonders if Jack’s passion is real or an act? And Jack wants to know if the supermodel is simply out of his league? Amber Heat Wave Contest Winner 2005!

When Layla Swann signs onto a case to catch an antiquities thief in Greece, she has no idea that she’s in for the three nights of her life! Her new boss, sexy Irishman Kevin Conlin, may only need Layla to pose as his lover, but Layla has other ideas. Kevin Conlin can’t believe his poor choice of agents. Layla is everything he’s longed for in a woman, but she’s completely off limits. Three nights alone in a romantic setting isn’t helping either calm their intense desires. When they finally give in to their passion, a bullet cuts their romance short and their only chance for real happiness…


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