Guest Blog Tuesday: Rebecca Goings

Why do we always wax philosophical when our birthdays roll around? Perhaps we are taking stock in our life and comparing what we have accomplished to what we have not. On October 9th, I will be 33 years old. To some of you, I’m a young puppy, to others, an old fogie. This particular birthday is a milestone for me, mostly because I will be the same age Christ was when he died. That’s very surreal for me, because my entire life has been spent thinking of Him as older than me. From now on, I’ll be older than Him.

But aside from the religiosity, I’m wondering today about fame, how petty it is, and how you can never tell how famous you are when you are in the spotlight.

I’m sure some Hollywood elite know exactly how famous they are. But those of us who have a small following, it’s a lot harder to tell what people think. To put things into perspective, I never hear anything about myself unless *I* post it on the loops, blogs, websites, etc. In that way, I’m my own publicist. But aside from Google Analytics, I have no idea how many people I’m reaching, or what they may or may not think of my books.

You might think having a lot of books published makes you famous. However, I just “met” an eBook author yesterday I’d never heard of who has scads of books available. So I gotta wonder… When we think we’re hot sh*t, are we really?

It’s funny, I’ve been to both my local library and my local bookstore to sign and promote my books, and each time, the employees seemed to trip over themselves when talking to me. I don’t really know why. Sure, I’ve written a few books, but does that put me into some kind of higher social status? It’s odd and petty when you get down to the bare bones. I’m just a normal person who happens to share my imagination with a few people.

Is it the fact that my characters become “real” when someone reads the book? Is it the respect for actually finishing a book and having it published? Or is it the simple fact that maybe a few hundred people have heard my name? Have I gone from a nobody to a somebody?

But you can see my argument here? I have absolutely no idea how far my supposed “fame” reaches. There are a few authors I look upon and think, “Wow, I wanna be her someday!” But they probably have no clue. So do they even know how famous they are?

Perhaps it is likeability as well. If you’re well-liked, you will be well-respected. And if you’re respected, more people will be apt to buy. The more people buy, the more they’ll share your name and books with others, and so on. Not to mention royalties. Your royalty checks would be a big tip off on the fame issue, methinks. LOL

So what’s your take on fame? What do you think it takes to be “famous”, and do you even have any clue as to how famous you are?


***Becka’s throwing a birthday party all next week on her author loop – and she hopes to see her author and reader friends joining in the fun!


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