I’m Afraid of Caves

What is the writer’s cave? I’ve heard talk about an isolated spot, where nothing interrupts, where there are no pets that need food, no husbands needing attention, no sick relatives, no dust, nothing but a powerful wizard who makes your fingers fly and you creativity flow. I think what people really mean is a place offline. A place where the gossip of the day, the reviews that aren’t yours, the checking of dismal stats…all that stuff is verboten.

I’m going in, to emerge only when I have a very good handle on my WIP. I’m finishing the sequel to Mayan Nights, and I have been doing that for many months. A paragraph here, a chapter there. I get tugged away on other adventures of the imagination. Now it’s time to fix this relationship that’s gone astray, to solve the puzzle, to excise without mercy all adverbs, to kill junk words, to purge exclamation points, to go where I haven’t gone before…offline.

If I don’t come back in a few, please come looking for me. In the meantime, go buy Unholy Vows at Samhain. ;o)


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