Is She a Liberal, or is She NUTS?

I had to come out of the writers’ cave (you would not believe who I met in there) for a rant. This is the THIRD time this nutcase and her Socialist logic have pounded my inbox. This time she wants Princes of Anfall (to sell on eBay). I quote “You an author and you guys are rich so it won’t hurt you to give me a free book.” Well, I live in a small apartment, if I’m rich a lot of things would be different (most noticeably my hair color would probably be done professionally).

I would refuse a cup of water in the desert before sending a book to this leech. She’s already won one of my contests, and the book went up on eBay immediately, signed (by the way, I fought back by posting my own signed copy at a lower price), and I’m still doing that.

What do the rich owe the poor? I’m not rich, and I don’t write Donald Trump (okay, he’s probably going into bankruptcy again soon) or Nora demanding free stuff. Oh, wait, doesn’t our government do that too? Damn it, I worked hard to get into this awful tax bracket that eats up every raise I get. I bet this woman is leaching off me already. Can you tell I’m a Libertarian? I have a heart, it beats, etc. I’m just a purist in some areas. I won’t go on about the charitable work I do. Just trust me that not all conservatives are heartless, war-mongering bigots.

I’ll give this woman one thing, she has balls. But more and more, I just don’t like giving away my writing.


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