HQN: I Can’t Get Past the Past

I have friends who write for Harlequin. Acquaintances would be more accurate, I suppose. I have not read a single HQN in decades. I’m not exaggerating–decades. I tried to read one a few years ago, but it was a wallbanger. So do I need to break this bias that runs deep? Perhaps when I’m finished current projects, I’ll try to review a number of them. I don’t like me some: sheiks, tycoons, Greeks (okay, I like Greeks, I lived in their country for eight years, but you know what I mean), Highland boneheads, Nascar heroes…

Do you have a recommendation for me? I love to write category length, but…read it? Is it okay for me to think these books are…what? Uncomplicated? Shallow? Tell me what I’m missing, please! Name your favorite.


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