Ebooks/small Press vs. New York

I know, I know, this is an old topic, dog-eared and yellowed with age. I’ve never been a big defender of the quality of ebooks, because there is so much diversity, I’ve been hard pressed to make a sweeping generalization such as “Ebooks are as good at NY books.”

Because of the little quarterly contests I run here, and some reviewing I do, and some judging I’m now doing, I’m increasingly struck by one statement I want to make when I read an ebook. “This could easily be on the shelf with NY-pubbed books.” I’ve been able to say that about the last six or seven ebooks I read.

I think the tide may have turned. I should say, I also still go to the bookstore and pick up books published by the big romance publishers. So I do have some room for comparison.

Sure, there are exceptions. But by and large, I find as many wallbangers, perhaps more, among the big publishers.

What do you think? Are epubbed books stacking up against NY these days? My bias may be that I enjoy books that don’t fit a NY “mold,” and the freshness, out-of-the-box plots or genre bending may appeal to me more than some.


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