To celebrate the December 7 release of KEY WEST MAGIC at Samhain Publishing, I’m giving away 25 pieces of holiday jewelry (santa earrings, wreath pins, snowmen, etc.). Even if Christmas isn’t your holiday, you can give these away as a stocking stuffer for a friend! The grand prize winner gets a Svarowski crystal Reindeer pin, and three of my ebooks (Key West Magic excluded), winner’s choice. If you are in North America, you can choose a signed print book instead. You have a good chance to win one of these 26 prizes! To enter visit my website at http://www.ciarcullen.com. It’s easy, I promise! DO NOT ENTER YOUR ANSWER HERE! Contest ends on December 7, when Key West Magic is available.

A haunted-to-the-rafters inn. A haunted heart. A sexy Irish ghostbuster must face both before he can love one woman.

Key West Magic
© 2007 Ciar Cullen

Key West. An island of green on turquoise waters, populated with poets, artists, drifters, Jimmy Buffet fans—and the most stubborn ghosts imaginable.
When psychic and all-around sexy Irishman Trent Light takes on the challenge to ghost-bust Calloway House, he encounters something more than your normal, haunted-to-the-rafters inn. He butts heads with the spirit of Emily, a flapper with a sordid past and short fuse. Emily’s guardian angel won’t let her cross to the other side until the infamous “Hemingway Mystery” is solved—a mystery Emily caused during her own lifetime.

Trent locks horns with another stubborn woman, inn owner and Key West newcomer Julie Calloway. Frustrated that the sexy Julie isn’t satisfied with being just his lover, yet unable to leave nor to commit to her, Trent is at his wits’ end. And then there’s that sentient Parrot that won’t shut up.
It’s a tough assignment, but Trent and Julie steam up the tropics as they try to solve the mysteries of Key West, of love, and of redemption


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