Why Cats are Better than Everything Else

Including dogs. I have a theory that romance writers are largely cat people. Not dog people. This is a very unscientific observation based on a few years of loops, blogs, and posts. I’ve heard that dog lovers are people who like to control their pets (ducking now), and that cat people are less controlling. Because, of course, you can’t control a cat. Except for my Simon, who is a cat, and will fetch, bark (yes, I said bark–he spent his first year at a vet’s in a cage in the lobby and got a bit confused I think), roll over, and play dead. According to my husband, he also says “Bruce” and “I love you,” but the jury is still out on this one.

Of course, there are those independent “don’t f with me” cats that dog people complain about. What, like one in a hundred, right? Cats don’t eat much, they catch small vermin that might be skulking about, they clean up after themselves, and only throw up once in a blue moon. What’s not to like? Dogs lick you, jump on you, scratch your legs, tear your hose, and well, I’m a cat person. How about you?


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