Defending Damon and Less-Than-Perfect Heroes

“How could they,” you cry. Matt Damon, sexiest man alive? Then you lash out at People Magazine for even having such a list. It’s People Magazine, folks. I’m happy. I get to see more Matt Damon TV blips for the next few weeks. I adore him.

I can’t tell you why. He’s not so…alpha? Not tall, dark and handsome. Not overly…anything at all. Some of you would even say he’s not much of an actor. I disagree (exhibit 1–Good Will Hunting). I loved The Amazing Mr. Ripley (homoerotic overtones especially)–well, loved Matt in it. Sigh. He’s all I want in a hero. Sort of normal.

I asked my loop today why a romance hero must be perfect on the outside, when there’s a call for heroines to be bigger, more true to life (i.e., a size 16 rather than a size 6). Hmnn, you want it all? The heroine can’t look like Angelina Jolie, but the hero must be a hunk.

Note to self: make an average looking guy absolutely irresistable in your next book. Cause when you fall in love, the averageness just falls away.


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