A Kiss is Just a Kiss

A sigh is just a sigh.

But if you had the chance to kiss David Boreanaz? I’m a so-so fan of the show Bones, but caught a very good sexual tension moment last night a few seasons in the making. A great ending to the season. A kiss. It got me thinking about the power of kisses in romance novels. I think perhaps they’ve been devalued a bit. Often a kiss isn’t a big deal (or it happens quickly, early on, just as part of lovemaking) in romances. It takes a lot of buildup to make a kiss a wonderful, exciting, sexy thing. But for me, nothing comes close to a good kiss to set the heart thumping.

The “oh God is he going to kiss me, yes he is, oh my God” moment is one of my favorites. The tingle that lingers on the lips, the craving for more…hopefully unfulfilled for a little while… Sigh.

What’s your favorite movie, TV, or romance novel kiss?


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