My Holiday is Christmas, How About You?

Are you courageous enough to name your holiday? The inevitable happened. I’m offering a holiday jewelry contest to celebrate my December 7 release of Key West Magic. Hey, who can’t use a pair of cheap snowman earrings or tree pendant–give it to a poor kid if you don’t want it. I was hesitant at first, because I knew someone would have a comment. Yes, it seems I crossed that politically correct boundary. I am giving away Christian symbols. It seems it is unfair, because *gasp* it leaves out people who don’t believe in Christ. My holy snowmen, reindeer, and trees. Despicable. The trees are Pagan, anyway, but I won’t go there.

I guess we’re reduced to Festivus.

It really wouldn’t offend me to get a blessing from anyone–if someone wants to wish me a happy Yule, or Hannukah, or Kwanzaa, or Festivus for that matter, I’ll take it and run with it. If someone wants to wish me a great Monday, that’s fine too. WTF? I will take all cards, gifts, blessings, good wishes, prayers, and cheer from anyone. I don’t celebrate the “holidays,” I celebrate Christmas. And if I want to give out Christmas trinkets, that’s my damned business. There’s enough suffering in the world without putting one another through this kind of bullshit. Spend your energy on Darfur, for example, rather than writing Ciar Cullen about her contest. Crickey.

I celebrate Christmas, the remembrance of the birth of Jesus. I don’t want your Pagan or atheist or Jewish child to be forced to sing about Christ in schools, but for Pete’s sake, don’t mess with my damned contest.

What do you celebrate?


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