Winners! Santas and reindeers and snowmen oh my!

Wow, 26 winners today. The grand prize winner is Caitlin Hoy! Caitlin, you won a lovely reindeer pin that I’m dying to keep ;o) but will send to you! You also have a choice of a signed print book or three ebooks (Key West Magic excluded).

Thanks to everyone who entered! I simply chose every other name (after eliminating duplicates), and you all will receive in the mail a holiday jewelry piece. NOTE: if there’s an asterisk next to your name, please email your snail mail address at

Lauren Wirum*
Tammy Popek
Eva Minaskanian
Beth Reimer
Glenna Day*
Phyllis Crabtree*
Liz Denler
Teresa (from FAR)*
Debra Guyette
Christy Poff*
Kelly (kmwr2003)*
Kathy (kat1reader)*
Laurie Damron*
Eva Silkka (all the way from Finland!)
Crystal Adkins*
Fiona Cordner
Judy Cox
Valerie Bongards* (I have your address somewhere, but please send again!)
Huguette English*
Angel Durham*
Sarah McNeal*

Thanks to everyone who entered! Now don’t forget to buy Key West Magic today!


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