Resolving to Write

I love a new year. It gives you this chance to con yourself into thinking things will be different. The running shoes will get broken in. The pounds will fall off, and you’ll get into that pair of jeans. You won’t waste so much time surfing the net, you absolutely won’t do it at work, and you’ll really do all sorts of things to earn straight “A”s in life. Ahem.

Why set myself up for disappointment? My quads will scream at me for a while from doing three miles after not running at all for months, and then I’ll go back to chastising myself. (Gonna do it anyway today LOL).

Then there’s the magical thinking resolution: somehow despite the fact that there are still 24 hours in a day, that I still have a full time job, I will be able to write much, much more. Now honestly, that’s just crazy talk.

Or is it? I’ve thought a lot about this while I’ve not been writing. I’m nearly finished with every contracted work. Almost a clean slate. I haven’t had one of those in three, going on four years. I look back at what I’ve written, and know damn well I can do much better. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitching about being published.

What do you do with a clean slate? I plan to write a better book. No matter how long it takes, or where it takes me. I won’t pitch it to anyone until it’s finished to my satisfaction. Because if I’ve learned anything in the last few years, it’s that it’s not worth spending your valuable time on writing something that doesn’t sing to your soul. It won’t sing to anyone else’s. Of course, we all know that.

What are you resolving to do or not do this coming year?


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