I AM LEGEND (No, not me)

New Year’s Eve was fun, usually is with our friends. We did dinner at the local retro/hip diner, then saw I Am Legend. So, Will Smith. What’s not to like? Especially when he’s been lifting. My female friend to my left sniveled through a good deal of the movie (I can’t tell you why), my husband and our other male friend liked it a lot. I still can’t figure out if I liked it. I was a bit detached. Will was great, but I think he shines more when he interacts with um, humans.

I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars.

I got the Office season 2 DVD, mostly to watch the ever lovely John Krasinski smile. Sigh. But that’s a lot of awkward pauses to get through.

I loathed the Golden Compass. Bored to tears. Dying to see Waterhorse, but I have the feeling I’ve already seen the good parts in the trailer. I did pose for some phone pics in a bathtub at the theater with the waterhorse (it’s set up so you can do that). Got to see if I can get that posted.

Okay, back to the final, final, thousand or so words of Mayan Secrets. See gorgeous new Anne Cain cover to right. Now if she would just finish the book for me.

Happy New Year!


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