Predictions for the New Year in Romance

Tell me which of these you think are certainties, which are unlikely, and what you would add!

1. An epublisher will fold. Maybe two.
2. Folks will come back from the RT conference with some crazy stories of debauchery. Someone will be pissed. Someone will quit their job.
3. Folks will come back from the RWA conference all aflutter about something some writer did that was wrong. The whole conversation about whether RWA serves the whole writing community will resurface, then everyone will get tired of it and it will go away.
4. Loops will continue to languish as a means of promotion. Blogs will blossom further, and people will start doing nutty things to get attention.
5. The erotica vs. erotic romance debate will calm down to a dull memory.
6. Ebook sales will soar–well, at least flap their wings.
7. Someone will write a groundbreaking historical time travel ;o)
8. Shapeshifting and vampires will give way to very sexy stem cell and DNA stories ;o)
9. Urban fantasy will still sell, sell, sell.
10. I will not win the EPPIE in my category.
11. Bianca d’Arc will sign with an agent and get a 3-book NY deal
12. Carolyn Ivey will write the best romantic fantasy I ever read
13. People will still take shots at anything EC.

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