My Personal Archaeology

What a weird photo–so tiny. I stumbled upon it during a Web search for a friend. That’s me, on the left. I’m about 20, in a little beat-up storeroom in a tiny town called Koilada in Greece. I’d barely ever been out of Baltimore. The photos show two adolescent girls (my director’s daughter and her friend) I coached and babysat. We are sorting tiny bits of animal bones in that photo. And that, my friends, is how exciting archaeology is 95% of the time.

I labored for MONTHS over the sequel to Mayan Nights, called Mayan Secrets. It’s out in April from Samhain Publishing. I guess it’s the third book I’ve written that calls on my archaeology background. It was torture to write. Somehow, by the grace of the writing goddess, my editor Bethany Morgan told me it’s the best thing of mine she’s read so far. I cannot tell you what a relief that was.

So, tying these two paragraphs together, as the discovery of the photo and turning in that manuscript (in which archaeology is absolutely NOT boring) happened on the same day… Huh. I want to talk to that young lady, hand curled up in an odd fashion (I still do that), a little bored, a little nervous, a little excited, and tell her that while she will go on to get her degree, she won’t stay in the field. There won’t be enough teaching jobs. She’ll get married in a few years, get divorced, move back to the East Coast, go into publishing, get married again, and…gasp…start writing romances! And that her archaeology background will come in handy, but not to look too carefully at the details.

No way she’d believe me.


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