So I Have This Little Problem

Have you ever done the “OMG what is wrong with me let me surf the Internet NOW” thing? I have. It’s a very bad idea. Before you know it, you’ll be writing your obit. I have bradycardia. My heart is slooooow. I mean, 43-50 BPM slow. No one has yet figured out why I am terribly fatigued, if it’s the Lymes, thyroid, or this slow heart rate. Doctor actually asked me if someone was trying to poison me. Made me empty my purse out and went through my pockets…ready to check me into rehab I guess.

Going to a cardiologist this week to try and figure it out, and awaiting return of blood tests for everything from heavy metal poisoning to alien mind control. Do you know if you surf the internet and look for causes of fatigue what you’ll learn? Everything causes it. Depression, menopause, rejection letters. Bad diet, bad hormones, bad cortisol levels, Addison’s disease. I settled on Addison’s disease. Has a nice ring to it.

How many times have I convinced myself I’m going to need this, that, and the other kind of surgery before getting a diagnosis. Now I’ve convinced myself I need a pacemaker. Maybe. Maybe not.

The internet is a wonderful thing, unless you use it to freak yourself out. Don’t freak yourself out.


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