Wednesday Wallbanger–When is Rape not Rape?

Since I’m home today with my chronic fatigue whatnot, I had some much-needed, much anticipated reading time. So I turned to a WIP from a potential Crit partner, to remain unnamed.

This is about the third such example of a book in which the (different) author explained to me that “no, it’s not rape because it’s their [fantasy world] culture,” or “it’s part of a ritual,” or, most honest, “I think it’s sexy.”

I think the lyrics to a popular old song are “do you think I’m sexy…come on woman, let me know,” not come on, whip me, tie me to a wall, and even if we are sworn enemies, do whatever you want while I cry and scream because sometime later I’ll learn to love you.

I guess these books would fall under the nebulous “forced seduction” category that we use when we are actually turned on by the scene? ICK.

The other explanations that I sometimes hear is that a very common fantasy of women is to be raped or “forcefully seduced.” The pollees are evidently not women who have had a gun held to their temple and a stranger change their lives forever.

There are other human fantasies, evidently: some men fantasize about sex with children. Perhaps some women do too, I don’t know. That will obviously not make it into a romance novel. In our culture, it’s illegal and generally not shrugged off as a common fantasy or okay in any way.

I don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone says–if it’s not two consenting adults (or five, I don’t care about that), it’s not romantic. Stop bitching and moaning about romances getting respect and curl up with a few of these babies in which a woman is, for all intents and purposes, raped. And then falls in love with the man who raped her. Come on, folks. How about a book where a woman learns to use a gun or defend herself to kill the m-fer?

Tell me if you disagree, I’m all ears.


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