Becoming a Writer Part Deux

And the kitty has nothing to do with the topic, I just couldn’t resist. I’m going to stop this cute cat thing soon, promise.

I’m there. You ever arrive someplace in time and it doesn’t feel the way you thought it would? I was looking forward so much to a “clean slate.” Old books to rewrite are rewritten. I’m in second edits on Mayan Secrets, my last “brand new” book under contract.

That’s it. Fini. No contracts. With a sudden burst of courage, I deleted about six WIPs, some of them fairly far along. Mostly sequels. Those worlds are now closed for business.

So here I sit, waiting for an email to tell me what to do. It’s been three years of “try to get published, try to get this thing published, keep myself out there…” And ten days later than my goal of January 1, I have a clean slate.

Can write anything I want to. Haven’t a clue what that is. Anyone ever felt that way? Anyone want to make a request :o)


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