Romance Sites and…and…Saturday

Still sleeping about 14 hours a day because of the (this week diagnosed as) Epstein Barr, I awoke, kinda hoping the Britney thing…oops! meant Cassie Edwards thing had died down a bit. Shouldn’t jest I suppose about either serious topic. I take them both seriously. Britney? Why the hell? you ask. Because she allegedly is a junkie with kids. That’s serious. Cassie? Never read one of her books, not my thing, and am unlikely to now. It’s really good that it came out, mostly as an example to writers. It’s not professional, it’s not moral, don’t do it.

Since I don’t know Ms. Edwards’ work, only her name, I don’t care much about the specifics of this story. But it’s been fascinating to watch people latch onto it with the iron jaws of a wereferret. The Smartbitches latched onto the thing like Entertainment Tonight, papparazzi in pursuit, breaking the story with details only they have! (You’ll have to watch more tomorrow to find out if Cassie was really seen in Manhattan in a “savages” outfit, trying to hide her true identity.) Okay, so they did so with intelligence and requisite number of chuckles, then got about as serious as they ever get. But their server crashed, and I had an ad up, and still sales are flatulent. Hmnn. I’m going to blame it on Cassie.

Of course, we have the 20/20 of romance shows–Dear Author. A good news/review site. This is about the tone, level of reality I feel most comfortable with. The stories will be mostly family-friendly, if a trifle dull, but you figure most of what they write is sound.

The Monday morning quarterbacks, my favorite home on the Internet, the writing group Romance Divas will always pick up on these stories and we’ll go off to the water cooler and chat amongst ourselves. And we may trash any of the sites listed here–or praise them.

Romancing the Blog is a little too “safe” and not very topical for my taste. “What kind of hero do you like?” “I have writer’s block.” “What are your favorite romances?” I’m afraid my own blog falls into this category. It’s kinda like The View. I know who these folks are, I like them, but they gave up controversy and at the end of the day are really forgettable. I wrote an “open Mike” blog about race and romances, and oy, vey, did I get some mail. That was NOT the spot.

I’m looking for the following sites with big media equivalents. I’m looking for the Colbert Report for laughs. I’d like a US News and World Report (for the small press world–not PW). I want Peter Jennings (yes, I know he’s dead). I can’t live on a steady diet of Entertainment Tonight, 20/20, and the View.

Come on, recommend sites and tell me where they fit in!


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