Clothing Bores Me

In books, that is. It’s a pet peeve of mine, and a cliche in romances. Everyone has those pet peeves of course, and maybe you love to read about what the heroine is wearing. “She looked in the mirror, shocked by how incredibly beautiful she was in her new Dior suit” (Target sweater from the discount rack, hand-stiched country/western shirt, pirate blouse). “Pulling on a silky dark green–almost teal but not quite, depending upon the lighting–skirt, she finished off the outfit with a wide belt, then slipped into four inch heels with buckles that set off the green of her eyes. Yes, she could actually bring her foot to her head to show off her eyes.”

Sometimes when I read (or write) such passages, I wonder who the hell wears the stuff described in these books. I live in New Jersey, and you wouldn’t see some of the outfits described in romances in this state, except maybe on an 85 year old. You might not see a woman still wearing black artsy stuff in Iowa (at least not the town my brother lives in). I think it’s important to skip on details that won’t really add much about the character, and use them when they are important. It would be good to know that Mabel is a throw-back Goth girl, and cement that with her clothing. Or that Shelly is a tomboy at age 40, and use her clothing to paint that picture a bit.

But oy, spare me the QVC version of the wardrobe, please. Do you agree? I gotta figure out something else for my heroes to wear besides black t-shirts, leather jackets, and worn jeans. That’s starting to date me :o)


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