Working 9 to 5, in Style or Why I’m Tired of Mom Stories

Please, don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. That’s me in the office. I think I’ll have Indian food flown in from India this evening.

Actually, that’s Madonna, but you knew that, clever girl. I respect Moms, and I do not know how Moms who write romances do it. It must be very, very tough. We hear about it all the time–running little Mary and Joey to soccer practice, doing laundry, cooking dinner, cleaning, shopping. I’m serious. I have no freaking idea how my mom did what she did–she worked full time and raised three hellish kids, cleaned, cooked, etc. She WALKED to work–an hour each way. The good ol days.

Okay, I’m about to become more unpopular. I think SAHMs have an inferiority complex or something in which they feel they have to constantly justify how busy they are. I would imagine that society has done this to them. Romance writers who are also SAHMs seem especially prone to this insecurity. It’s hard, we understand it’s hard, to find uninterrupted time to write. However, you aren’t alone. If you have to leave the house at 7 to get to the office, and work until 5, or later, get home at 6:30 if you’re lucky, cook, shop, clean, etc. You get the idea. My day isn’t any longer.

There are writers also caring for sick parents, spouses, siblings. Romance blogs are so full of “how busy I am because I’m a mom” stories. I respect these moms and writers more than I can say. Please reread the last sentence. I mean it. But crickey, do we have to hear about it constantly? I just read three blogs that basically said that moms have trouble balancing home and writing. Guess what? Other women do too. And that’s probably my insecurity speaking.


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