How I Avoided Writing Yesterday

Well, I did write a thousand words. My couple is dragging their feet, and I’ve never tried something under 15K. Yikes, they must get together, into bed with them, soon.

Anyway, recovering from a trip to see Mom in nursing home, wasn’t too much into anything hard. So I watched The Trouble with Tribbles. I hadn’t watched a Star Trek episode in a bazillion years. I forgot how funny William Shatner always was. Then I, Robot was on. Now, there’s a scene with Will Smith in the shower. I’ve seen it before, but it was worth a second viewing. Crickey. I love Will.

Last night we watched National Treasure, the first one. Entertaining, a little silly, but still worth a quick watch. It’s really annoying when a secondary character suddenly develops supertechnical skills out of nowhere. But I love me some treasure stories, and that was pretty good.

For mindless entertainment, I really did well.


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