All You Ever Needed in One List

I caught a wave this afternoon in my search for grammar tidbits to send to my coworkers. (Anyone who has edited my stuff–please stop snickering now.)

Anywho, I once again stumbled upon the masters of magic, the muses of meanderings, the gods of style. The writers of the Elements of Style, Strunk and White.

I thought you might enjoy a summary of White’s guidelines on how to write. You don’t really need much more than this:

White’s rules:
Place yourself in the background.
Write in a way that comes naturally.
Work from a suitable design.
Write with nouns and verbs.
Revise and rewrite.
Do not overwrite.
Do not overstate.
Avoid the use of qualifiers.
Do not affect a breezy manner.
Use orthodox spelling.
Do not explain too much.
Do not construct awkward adverbs.
Make sure the reader knows who is speaking.
Avoid fancy words.
Do not use dialect unless your ear is good.
Be clear.
Do not inject opinion.
Use figures of speech sparingly.
Do not take shortcuts at the cost of clarity.
Avoid foreign languages.
Prefer the standard to the offbeat.


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