This Morning The Sky Caught Fire

It was weird. I was taking my normal route to work, but it was very windy and the rain storm was passing through. ZZZZZZZAAAAPPPP. The power lines on the side of the road buzzed, crackled, and caught fire. Folks just kinda stopped driving, and I was screaming to them to move their arses.

I pulled to the side of the road, because I can’t legally use my hands-on cell phone while driving, and called the police. Wasn’t quite sure what they were supposed to do about it, but thought maybe they’d want to know. They did. I walked into the office and people told me there had been a couple of brownouts. I said “I saw it.”
The response: that would only happen to you.

I think I’ve earned a reputation as a drama queen. Not liking it. Must change. Are you a constant witness to drama?


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