Where in the World is Ciar Cullen?

Check it out. This photo is from 1880, in Alexandria, Egypt. How cool is that? And you know, of course, because you’re so worldly, that this is the obelisk that ended up in Central Park, NY. I went to see this on my 50th birthday. Well, actually I went to dinner in NY and insisted we visit this just because… and now it’s in a book of mine (a work in progress). Just because I saw it. I’m driven by visuals. By travel. A vacation in Key West turns into a book called Key West Magic. Many vacations in Mexico, combined with some archaeology background, turn into my Mayan Nights/Mayan Secrets books. I still haven’t taken full advantage of living in Greece for eight years. But it’s in there, waiting to come out.

There are so many reasons to go away. I know, it’s expensive, but little trips (like a $15 roundtrip ticket to Manhattan) can do a lot for you. Whether you are a writer or not, a change of scenery gives shakes up your perspective. This year Moose and I will likely just go to the shore again (what they call a beach in New Jersey for no reason I can figure out). But even there… A cozy bed and breakfast, the sunrise on the beach, an old couple strolling along the boardwalk… Gotta get out from behind that computer and live! My goal for the spring and summer. How about you??? Are you living behind a computer screen? Or a TV screen?


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