Love An Editor Day!

So I’m starting my own tradition. I pronounce March 19 Love An Editor Day!

We have all had editors we really didn’t like, they done us wrong, etc. Maybe they really done us right. Ones that have left the business, ones that became writers themselves, ones that were with companies that folded. Or maybe they had to go back to working full time (I miss you L2).

I could thank a slew of editors, but today I want to show my love for Bethany Morgan. I think she must be a serial killer in real life, because no one is this nice. No one. She’s the Mother Teresa of small press publishing. And she has some kind of freaking mental encyclopedia of both the most arcane facts and the most important ones. I mean, come on now. “Did you actually mean to say Post-Classic Mayan building? Because according to x,y,z expert, it’s really late Classic…” Oy. Vey.

Then she does things like “I love your writing! I love this book! Here, let’s write the blurb! Hey, how about those excerpts? Oh, I love the ones you picked out!” Sounds corny, right? Until you get the note to enrich a relationship, add some depth, tie up loose ends, stop repeating yourself. Tough. Love. Not together, but separate. Oh, lest I forget: “This would make a great prize to go with your book! I found it on eBay!”

Folks, I dare anyone to come up with a better editor than Bethany Morgan. Go ahead. Show an editor your love, do it right here!


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