New York or Bust! Or Not?

Couldn’t resist this “Smells Like Teen Spirit” shot after reading a number of epublishing rants/raves in the last few days. When I first joined Romance Divas, I was already “epublished,” and a little put out by folks who didn’t consider epublishing “real” publishing. A lot of those people have since signed contracts with small/epresses. Why did they do it? Because they thought epublishing was easier to break into? It was definitely the case then, and probably still is. So despite everything we say about epublishing, like Angie James’s eloquent blog today, what are the differences between New York and small, mostly electronic publishing houses? I know Angie is doing a survey on epublishing earnings. We hear of a people making six figure salaries in epublishing, but that talk usually garners a lot of virtual eye rolling.

I’m interested in hearing from writers and readers. Anonymously if needs be. Why did you submit to an epublisher, rather than to New York? Was your book rejected by New York because it didn’t fit a rigid plan? Was it–gasp–not good enough, but picked up by an epublisher? Have you given up your plans of being published by a mainstream NY company? Are you fine with your books in trade format rather than mass market? Do you want to see your name on a book in Target? Have you been bitten on the arse by one of the recent closings of small presses, and now you’re holding out for something…better? Is epublishing a training ground for you? Or are you charting out a career for yourself in this brave new world?

Readers–where do you buy your books? Do you consider epublishing titles as good as the ones you pick up in Barnes and Noble?


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