Dunder Mifflin Publishing Grand Opening!

I’m thrilled to announce our new publishing venture, Dunder Mifflin Publishing, Ltd.

At Dunder Mifflin, we’re looking for the absolute best and brightest talent around. Whether you are new to publishing or are looking for somewhere for your backlist, please consider DM.

Our mission is speed. From manuscript to electronic product in a week! You get to choose your own cover from twenty unique, lovely designs, which we will customize to your title at NO CHARGE to you. Because, of course, we are NOT a vanity publisher. Your book will be available online for purchase within a week! Tired of those pesky edits? No worries! At DM, we know that you hate edits and won’t agree to anything we recommend. Hey, we don’t have time for them anyway, what with the business to run.

Your book will not only be available in all electronic formats, but will be available in most markets as a trade paperback (this only applies to manuscripts in a really big font).

What we are NOT looking for: clowns, cowboys, vampires, demons, demon hunters, demon hunter wannabees, historicals before 500 BCE, Finnish poetry, and cookbooks. If it has sex, or pushes any envelope at all (don’t even care what kind of envelope), it’s for us.

And remember, publication is just a week away, because we don’t edit, our covers are ready to go, and we know you want to get published so you don’t care about anything! (Because of the speed of publication, we don’t even have time for contracts.)

Want to see some of our titles and our submission guidelines?

Okay, so I’m no Mrs. Giggles. ;o)


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