Correcting Improper Author Behavior

Clio here is a pistol, isn’t she?

I’m not a huge fan of authors behaving properly, cause what’s the fun in that? Go ahead, rant, attack, go down with the ship if you like. I’m in awe of the Andrew Dice Clays of the romance world–I don’t have it in me, neither the courage nor the inclination. And I simply don’t care enough about most topics.

I’ve written a few times about stuff that drives me nuts, but I thought I’d ask my revered colleagues (readers and writers), to add to a list of basic good author behavior.

So here goes, and this doesn’t mean I’m not guilty of committing the cardinal sins of online promotion:

1. Do not advertise using photos of your boobs. If you disagree, please tell me why. I would really like to understand this one. Why would I want to read your book because I’ve seen that you have cleavage? Most romance writers do have cleavage. Even some of the guys.

2. Don’t jump on a loop release day (everyone has stepped into this one). Don’t steal someone else’s special day, especially a new author!

3. If you aren’t published, don’t preach about publishing. It’s not that you aren’t entitled to an opinion–it simply looks kinda foolish. I’m not telling big NY authors about the publishing industry… I might do this kind of preaching on my own wee blog, but I know my readership well enough.

4. DO stand up for yourself if you need to. I recently called someone an a-hole on a blog for bashing Christians. It’s a fine line, but if your moral code guides you to draw a line, then damned the consequences.

5. Do offer to review your colleagues’ books, or to blog about them. Especially new authors.

6. Send a thank you note to anyone who reviews your book. Yes, the ones that hurt, too.



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