Huh? You bought me as your what?

“I bought you as my pet. See how much I think you’re worth.” Huh? You did not. Aw, shucks.

I’m really out of it, and increasingly, I want to be out of it. I don’t want to know what’s on your Shelfari or whatever, how much you bought me for, what my crush IQ is, or what kind of vampire I am.

I just got used to Myspace. Then I hear about Facebook. Uh-uh. Not even close to considering that. Because as soon as I get used to that, it will be Worldbook or Spacebook or Theirspace.

I’m supposed to hate Blogger and like WordPress, but I can’t find the energy to. I like ebooks–isn’t that enough? I like the instant gratification–the ease, the price. I’m in search of more time, not more things to do.

Are you spending your days wisely? If you’re having fun, then maybe you are. But I’m gonna try harder, and I know it doesn’t involve buying someone as my pet. I have four books in various stages of doneness. Got to go–someone’s sending me photos on my phone. Gawd.


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