Key West Magic Joyfully Reviewed!

Here’s a lovely review from Jo at Joyfully Reviewed. I love that she liked the “feel” of the book. This is one of my personal favorites! Thanks, Jo!

“Key West Magic brings together two people who have been hurt in the past. Because of this, neither Julie or Trent look for anything that might last long. Julie doesn’t really think much of magic prior to Key West and Trent, but she cannot deny the magic between them. Reading about Trent and Julie’s pasts had me wondering about their future. I fell in love with the Calloway house and especially the ghost Emily. Watching Trent try and fight his demons and Julie begin to believe in magic made Key West Magic a more than gripping story. The passion and sensual feeling that runs throughout just adds to it. If paranormals with a bit of a twist interest you, then you really should check out Key West Magic. Not to let anything out, but the epilogue has put me on the watch for the next book dealing with the Light family.”


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