Oops, lame blogger

I’ve been remiss. I admit it. The beginning of summer caught me off guard. I haven’t been getting around much cyber-wise, and I’m in a revamping stage.

1. Closed my Yahoo group. I simply do not do it justice. I think Yahoo groups are going the way of…insert favorite extinct thing here…and I’m looking for better ways of communicating with fellow readers and writers. I’ll find you somewhere…keep looking over your shoulder.

2. We’re moving my mom out of the nursing home to her home on her birthday. This is where she’ll live out her days, as the family decided we wouldn’t see her go through this again. So she’ll get care at home, and I trust have much better days there, whether for a week, a month, a year…she always amazes us.

3. Once again, I’ve deleted about three WIPs in favor of trying to write the average American novel. The big time or bust. You’ll stop by and prop me up when this doesn’t work out, right?

4. My health has improved a good deal as I seem to be out of the woods with Lymes and Epstein Barr, thyroid levels good. I’m back to jogging (slowly of course, but hey, I’m happy about it) and losing weight. All systems check out okay :o)

5. I’m happy to announce my husband is now working solely as a photographer, and doing well. If you can’t believe someone can do what they love and support themselves, well, he’s living proof. He’s in galleries throughout NJ and his site is doing well. We may do a book together–his photography and my words. That would be very, very cool.

6. I’ve written a children’s book and a friend who is a very, very clever artist is working on illustrations now. More on that one soon.

What’s new in your neck of the woods?
Do you need a link to your blog? Please let me know at ciar@ciarcullen.com


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