Talismans and Trivial Pursuits

I’m currently the only bidder on this necklace. It makes me wonder if I have bad taste. Sure, it’s cause I’m writing a steampunkish thing. When I was writing Mayan Secrets, I wore my Mayan astrological symbol necklace all the time. Of course, I always have that Mayan glyph on my back–got that way before I started writing. I mean fiction.

I wore a Celtic thingey when I was in my LOTR/fantasy writing kick phase. That didn’t work out so well for me, actually. I think it may have been an evil symbol. Can anyone say “Triskelion” three times fast?

I didn’t realize until tonight how much I surround myself with images, music, and general bric-a-brac in sync with whatever the theme of my current WIP is. Wow, poorly constructed sentence there.

Do you do anything like that?

Not such a happy go lucky day. Did manage a 40-minute slow jog, which is awesome considering where I’ve been the last year.

Mom’s first day home (not my home) was bittersweet for me. I spoke with her on the phone, and she sounded so relieved, but so fragile. Somehow the fact that she’s on oxygen shook me to my core. But she’s with her cat and her husband and was watching Cops when I called, so she’s much happier.

I’m trying desperately to avoid talking about my two WIPs too much. I feel like it’s letting the djinn out of the bottle too soon. So just popped a bit off to my crit partner, who is never hard enough on me.

What are you doing?


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