What’s Wrong With My Brain?

I had a dream last night about Steve Carrel (you know, Michael Scott, The Office). In my dream, he was the nicest person on the planet, and we cuddled and he told me funny stories. It wasn’t sexual, just…comforting. Huh? John McCain’s wife was there, not very pleased.

I woke up singing a song I didn’t know I remembered. I found out that it’s from 1939, and since I was thankfully born many years later, I must have seen the cartoon in reruns or heard my Aunt and Mom singing it. I think it’s the earliest song I learned:
Small fry, hanging round the pool room,
Small fry, should be in the school room,
My my, what a sight to see,
You ain’t the biggest catfish in the deep blue sea,
Oh me, oh my, small fry.


I wonder what triggers such things.


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