Oh Yikes, Bad Blogger/Transformers II

Where has the time gone? No controversies, nothing to really bitch about, no releases, no reviews…

What’s a girl to do?

I’m writing. Yay. After at least five false starts, I’m making progress on my WIP. A really new adventure for me–first person, very complex world, and I’m actually thinking of a plot in advance! I have no idea if I’ll ever sell this book, but I’m interested in it.

Work is busy–end of our fiscal year. They were shooting some of Transformers II on campus yesterday. Evidently there’s some hot chick in it and everyone was all atwitter over it. I would have liked to have met Jon Voight, but then, I was too lazy to walk a quarter mile to check things out. Not a movie I’d ever go see in a million years.

I don’t know what actor or actress I’d go out of my way to see in person. A lot of things get filmed here–I guess it’s an easy access ivy league school. Or maybe their rates are good.


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