I’m Melting…

I’m disappearing. I don’t go to loops and I mostly just visit my pals at Romance Divas these days. I’m writing, slowly. But I’m one of those people who must get the tone and style and everything kinda synched in the first chapter, so I’m spending a ton of time on that right now.

Steam Age Scandals is coming along, I think. It does not have a publisher, and it may never–first person? Steampunk romance or fantasy or whatever with romantic elements? Characters with names like Screw and Barber? But I’m enjoying this writing so very much.

The rest of my life: not so much. I don’t know from one week to the next if I’m going to see my Mom out of town or not, and whether she’ll be in hospital or not. But I’m taking it one week at a time, and husband is so supportive.

Simon the magical cat has a lesion on his tongue, and after the sticker shock of $500 worth of bloodwork today, I’m bracing for the $1000 biopsy next week. Guh. But he’s our boy, and we want him around.

I’m thrilled to say that my great stress relief–running–is working for me again. I’ve lost about 8 or 9 pounds and can get into the size 10s again. The size 8s are still in the closet, but may be history. Don’t get Lyme and Epstein Barr and have your thyroid bomb at the same time if you can help it. Honestly. It was a rough year.

My brother in Iowa dodged the horrid flooding by being in a town that shored up their levee incredibly well. I was so worried, as he’s disabled and has been through so much. My heart bleeds for the other folks. He used to live in Cedar Rapids, and I’m so glad he’s in Cedar Falls now.

I don’t have much to say about the current events of the romance world–NCP and all that jazz. Everyone has said it all. Everyone out for a buck, and it doesn’t matter who gets screwed. I don’t know how else to think about it.

This is weird, being in the twilight zone, not promoting (nothing new to push, really), a book has been subbed to my Samhain editor, but I’ve not heard about that. One in limbo for a year until the rights revert to me (from another company). NOT going to talk about that fiasco.

What’s going on in your world?


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