Gathering Characters

So, if you scroll down, you’ll see my (Asian) character, now named Screw. I know, I know, it’s not like that. In my quest to gather characters (without them knowing it–and how the hell could they ever know and find their way here?), I’ve settled on Datamancer (a guy who made that really cool steampunk computer and much other cool stuff–actually, he seems a little too cool for his own good, as if he revels in his own coolness…) as my hero and love interest, Jack. Or as he is called in Steam Age Scandals (coming to a fine bookstore near you this century), the Man. Now I need my chick, Fenwick, and Miss Pettigrew (Petti). I’ll track them down. It’s interesting when you use real people as models for characters. Makes you feel like a stalker, what?

In other news, still jogging, still nursing an aching heart over mom’s iminent demise, enjoying new wildflowers popping up daily in my garden, and planning a new pyramid trip before year’s end.

Happy Independence Day. Hope you find some new way to be independent this year!


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