Ciar’s Misadventures

It’s been a strange week. Someone tell me about the stars or moon phase or something, anything to explain things.

After spending most of Sunday trying to figure out what was wrong with my keyboard (sorting through a closet looking for CDs to reload, plugging and unplugging)–two hours of this–I finally realized that the freaking thing has batteries. Yup. How did I think a wireless keyboard worked without batteries? Cause I’m a moron.

Yesterday I put ice cream in the cat’s food bowl. He dug it, and at least I didn’t put cat food in the bowl I put out for my husband.

I was supposed to go to Baltimore today, but got caught up at work. So I’m going Friday to visit my mom. Okay, so tonight I’ll write! Not. Learned I sent the wrong packages to ebay customers. Yup, someone is getting a guitar who wants a camera tripod, and vice versa. Fun. This is what you get for cleaning out a closet of old stuff. Just let it rot.

Went for a jog in 95 degree heat. Moron. Got stung by a bee. Lost my watch along the path. Since it’s an old birthday gift (no, should not have been wearing it on my jog) with sentimental value, I’m going back before sundown to walk the three mile route. Or maybe not, since I’m running out of time.

Okay, I will get one of these books done this year. I was shooting for the end of March on one, the end of July on the other. Can I have a summer do-over?

Are you getting in your own way this summer, or is it just me?


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