Do Great Reviews do Squat?

I’m wondering about reviews and sales. I have a theory, and I’d like your input. I don’t think they do anything, except perhaps stellar RT reviews.

Or…do I have to finally admit that I totally stink at promotion?

My beloved Mayan Secrets just received a wonderful review at The Romance Studio. This added to 5 Angels, Goose Eggs, etc., as well as some colleagues blogging about how much they loved this book and think it should be a movie! I had my first trailer done for this book. Offered amazing contests.

Sales? Flatulent. I trust that somehow, it will pick up, as Mayan Nights (the first in the trio) still sells more than anything I’ve written.

Or, is it that I don’t do super x-rated? I mean, I do explicit, but not super-duper menages, etc. My stuff isn’t very dark, does not include vampires or were-anythings (with the exception of The Biggest Kahuna).

Oh, and I don’t do cowboys. I don’t have major bookstore print releases. So no name recognition? I’m really trying to break this down.


I am writing, world-building. Have you ever done historical fantasy? So I have this real world (1890 Manhattan), in which I have to get everything right. Then I have this alternate 1890 (the Steampunk part) that’s super fun to write. But this is slow going, and the word craft (I really hate that word) is slipping into my vocabulary these days. I’m crafting. And not with wool or scrapbooks.

Spent a few days watching approximately 30 episodes of Cops with my mom, who is still home, still hanging on. Now, I don’t know anyone who has actually watched two days of Cops continuously, but it’s mindnumbing after a while. “Wow, I bet this guy runs and claims the crack in his pocket isn’t his.” “Wow, I bet that white trash couple starts arguing over who started the fight and one calls the other ‘baby.'” Don’t talk to me about profiling–I’ve got it down to a science now, at least filtered through what the producers of the show put on.

Now home, off for a few days, more world to build.

How about you? Anyone already dreading all the RWA Nationals convention talk?


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