I Are Not Cute These Days

I am in serious keyboard overload. I’ve been helping to empty an attic and identify/sell on ebay china from every era and country. I’m learning to distinguish between real and fake Nippon porcelain marks. Oy. Vey. So, cross antiques dealer off the list of potential retirement hobbies.

I am turning into a hermit, a curmudgeon. RWA Nationals blogs, photos and posts make me growl. It makes me feel better to think I’m a jealous bitch than an isolationist snob. But truth be told, I’m just not in the mood. I’m not sure my WIP is a romance, and I’m not sure where I belong these days. I don’t even know what convention would be right for me.

So I’m drifting, not becoming a Twit on Twitter, not doing Facebook, about to shut down Myspace (guh, what did that do for me?). I’ve noticed some other writers are complaining about the time it takes to be online and not writing, wondering what it’s doing for them. So at least I’m in good company.

The writing is slow, in fitting with this lazy, hot summer. I run in despicable heat, and have baggy clothes to show for it, at least. Running is my new crutch. Doing about 4 miles a day now.

My 51st birthday is next week, and I think I’ll just walk around Central Park, maybe scout out some cool historic stuff, lunch with husband.

Are you all a Twitter or are you a grouch like moi, not looking for the latest romance writing news? I think it’s time to finish this book.

What are you doing?


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