Summer Winding Down

How did it get to be the dog days of summer? A few more weekends in August! Well, this photo of my husband’s is one of my favorites, because it really captures the spirit of weekends when we’re home. We hang out with friends on a boat (when it’s running we actually go out on the water), grab dinner, and maybe walk the beach searching for that perfect seashell. Once in a while we’ll go into a shop to see how my husband’s greeting cards or prints are selling. But soon, the island will be empty except for older folk or die-hards, the shops will close, and the boat will be drydocked.

I alternate weekends to see Mom, and I think there are just a few more of those out of town before the end. And now, I have a lovely new writing cubby my husband created for me to have a “space of my own.” So by the end of August, I’m ordered to write more and pine less. The goal is back to 1,000 words a day. I have the feeling that recent experiences will color my writing.

Bought a boatload of beading stuff, so be careful or I’ll end up making you some jewelry and then you’ll have to act like you like it! It’s weird steampunk stuff.


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