I’ve FALLEN and I don’t want to get up!

Check out the cover and tell me you don’t want to try this book! Gwen Hayes’ Fallen is one of my favorite recent reads. Gwen’s voice is unusual, giving you an ethereal feel that really suits the genre. Her heroine, Bridget, is a strong, bright, sexy counterpoint to the dark angsty to-die-for hero, Talon. You will love Talon, and if you don’t, I’ll pay for one therapy session to figure out what’s wrong with your libido. I have grown a bit weary of paranormal romances, but this one is different enough to stand out. Part of the difference is a great setting that feels so real you’d like to look it up on a map. I’ve been to Serendipity Falls twice now, once in a work-in-progress by Ms. Hayes not yet available. Mystical goings on aside, if you’re in the mood for a quick, heartfelt romance with a real good-versus-evil struggle and great characters, pick up Fallen.

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